This is the 3rd of 4 shows in the US tour of 2017 for me. Each show I say is the best show I have ever seen! Here at the Paramount the set list was great. The show opened with one of the new drum pieces. It was really loud and precise. The second set also opened with a drum piece. (I don't know the name of these). Then, in no particular order Indiscipline, Discipline, Larks 1 and 2, Moonchild, Pictures of a City. Really powerful. The second set was heavy on new music early and then back to the hits! The band was smiling throughout, at times they were looking at Mel who was so creative. 21stCentury Schizoid Man had a section where Jeremy was a BEAST. Then Gavin's solo. He is like an assassin, quietly doing his thing, then he strikes. Outstanding. Loved this show! The sound technicians had the Paramount sounding the best I have ever heard it. There must have been some jerks recording because at one point Robert just pointed to the audience for a few minutes. I didn't think it effected the performance from the audience point of view. The show was just strong all the way. See you at the Beacon!