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Written by Francois
21 June, 2022
Exposures disc 27
I have jumped straight to the blurays, as my personal favorites are always the surround mixes, especially when they are mixed in Atmos. There is a mistake somewhere in this boxset. Either the book is wrong and there are no atmos mixes available for 2011 mixes of "League Of Gentlemen" or there is an issue with the mastering of disc 28 because there is no atmos track, only DTS-HD MA 5.1 is available for "League of Gentlemen" on the discs. In the same league, on disc 28, Washington Square Church is supposed to be 4.1, while it actually is 5.1 (with guitars often mixed on the center channel, which is very "present" indeed). I found no issue with "Let The Power Fall". Question is, is there an atmos mix for "League Of Gentlemen", if yes, are any replacement discs under manufacture?

Hugh O'Donnell replied:

Hello Francois. As covered in an earlier forum post: Although considered for an Atmos mix by Steven, it was decided the League of Gentlemen would sound great in 5.1 and would work less well in Atmos. Unfortunately the compilers carried forward the error listing it as Atmos.
Written by Colin Coates
21 June, 2022
The Unthanks
I saw The Unthanks five piece in concert last week and to quote the band they did a "prog-rock medley" of "Free Will and Testament/Starless" which was wonderful especially with the brooding start of a violin and bowed double bass before the vocals came in, still on tour in the U.K. so I highly recommend going to see them live and not just for this medley....
Written by Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner
21 June, 2022
Sunday Lunch
Beautiful song, Hugs.
Written by Gustavo Ernesto
21 June, 2022
Too good to be true...
We'll, seem's I didn't pay attention and the band will not play any concert this year. Everything I said still holds up, tho. Cheers.
Written by Gustavo Ernesto
21 June, 2022
Preparing myself for a prog rock monster (Porcupine Tree is coming to México in October) I distanced myself from KC for a month or so. It's incredible that the band will continue to tour! Hope they undust some hidden gems. Btw, please, for the love of God, remember that MEXICO IS PART OF NORTH AMERICA. Come on, last year a friend had to see you all the way in Texas, surely you can come for a couple of days down here. After all, Mexico is a certified Crimson land.
Written by Samuel Langer
20 June, 2022
2004 Sessions CD/Download?
Hey, is there any thought of releasing the 2004 Studio Belew sessions at least digitally? I know people who would definitely buy it, and I would as well. It would be interesting to have a larger snapshot of what another King Crimson album after The Power to Believe would sound like. Thanks.
Written by Kelli Lehrling
Grim sound quality, but solid playing and set list
This isn't the worst quality recording of the Islands band, but it is by no means good. The audience is very noticeable and loud at times. With that out of the way, let me say the playing on this night is solid. Plus, it's always a pleasure to have a lengthy set list without any incomplete songs.
Written by Chris Inguanta
Very interesting to hear VROOM separated into its 2 parts. Now I know how it comes all together. This one's a keeper and I enjoyed listening to it multiple times.
Written by Kelli Lehrling
Stunning Soundscapes
Front to back this album is gorgeous work. You'll quickly be lost in the emotional atmosphere created, and it'll keep you hooked all the way through until you're at the end wanting more. Certainly one of RF's strongest 'scapes, absolutely worth the listen. Personal highlights are The Cathedral Of Tears and Second Light.
Written by Griffith Davies
Absolutely love this. After reading a review years (decades?) ago about how this track was originally mixed as two separate trios, I've always wanted to hear them truly broken out. Now here it is. The double trio was such a sonic assault that something can get lost in the mix, and with these releases, the attack is slightly lessened. I often find with King Crimson, when things are isolated like this, I appreciate them even more (see the Deja Vrooom DVD for example). Being the greedy bastard I am, I would love to see all 6 isolated performances of this track. One can only imagine a custom mix with no drums, or no guitars, or just touch guitars/bass. Thanks for releasing this!
Written by Samuel Langer
Very great performance, unfortunately cut off in many places.
This is an AMAZING concert. Too bad such a great concert is cut off in many places and is mostly incomplete! Great improvs from Mel and of course the Peoria Groon improv. Worth hearing the full Groon as the ending is surprising and fun! I wish I had bought this concert sooner.
Written by Samuel Langer
Very great concert! Awesome solos!
This is a fun, great, and interesting concert. Doesn't sound that bad at all, especially compared to some other concerts from this tour. Pretty funny Robert getting electrocuted. The microphone tried to stop them from playing Ladies of the Road. Anyway, great concert!